Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Spring

This is your first spring (2013). Your daddy has planted his first garden (that's his lettuce plot above) and hopes to harvest some good fresh vegetables for the family. He’s hoping this is going to become an ongoing thing for his family. You will have lots of opportunities to watch Mother nature do what is so natural for her, being fruitful, when we take care of her in a gentle, kind and healthy way.
All the seeds he has planted have the potential to become something which can feed your family.
And just like those seeds, you are a little pod, turning towards the light, growing to your full potential that you might someday become food for those around you and the world, sharing your fruits of the spirit that others might pass those seeds along to the next generation.
May you grow this spring in many ways Eleanor,
Sprouting all your potential fruits.

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