Friday, February 28, 2014



Dear Eleanor,

H- Hold your thoughts a few seconds before they become verbal words

A- Allow others to help you

P- Pay attention to what is directly in front of you, because that’s where your life is actually happening

P- Play every chance you get. You will have plenty of time to work in your life

Y- You are loved

B- Be who you are not who you think people want you to be

I- Involve yourself in some kind of daily spiritual discipline

R- Raise your hand if you have a question. There is nothing wrong with not knowing

T- Try YOUR best and that is enough

H- Hold on to things loosely, nothing is permanent 

D- Don’t just believe, try to find the way to know

A- Acknowledge when you are wrong, it can be freeing

Y- You are loved 

Sorry I missed your “Park Party” but it looks as though everyone had a lot of fun!


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