Wednesday, April 30, 2014


What might I share with you this month?
I'm sure it may seem that I say the same things over and over again but just in a different way. But this goes back to my very last thoughts to you.
Truth is truth no matter what form it takes. It's essence remains the same.

What about the Truth of you Eleanor?

What form or forms will you take over the years of your life?

Does it matter?

Maybe what matters is the essence. Maybe what matters is the ground, the soil from which the seeds of Truth are germinated.

Look at all the beautiful flowers blooming in the spring. Look at all the different colors, forms.

They all are giving birth from this same earth, yet look at the diversity of their forms and colors.

In Genesis, Moses ask God,
"Whom shall I say sent me?"

God's answer is:

"I am"

One translation of that is:

"I will be what I will be"

How many forms is this "I AM"?

May your being be rooted in the Great I Am and may your  forms bloom with the many colors of spring!


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