Saturday, July 5, 2014


Dear Ladies,
I want to apologize, again, for being remiss in my sharing my thoughts with all of you on a monthly basis. Seems that knitting has taken over my life during my quiet times of thinking these days. So Papa needs to reshape his sacred time again. So please bare with me as I recommit to my writing to all of you.

This “recommitting”  reminds me of a story about one of my significant spiritual mentors. I know I have probably mentioned his name to all of you in some way in all these writings I have done. His name is Thomas Merton. He was a Trappist monk and prolific writer in the 1960’s. And he had a great influence on my spiritual life.

Seems one day someone was interviewing him about living the life of a monk and discussing how difficult it must be to maintain the disciplines required of such a life. 

I don't remember exactly how he asked the question...

The interviewer asked  Thomas Merton, “How do you maintain such a disciplined life?”

Thomas Merton’s answer was, “We fall down and we get back up”.

Do you see the grace in that ladies?

No judgement.

There another way that is stated in the Buddhist tradition. It goes like this:

If you fall down seven times, the most important things is that you get back up eight.

Well Papa has fallen down and is getting back up .
I’m sure I will fall down again.
And if I fall down 10 more times, the most important thing is not to judge myself but to simply get back up the eleventh time.

Be kind to yourself ladies.
You will fall down.
Just get back up.


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