Sunday, July 26, 2015


"...5 years ago I decided that I was going to take a 48 hour silent retreat every 6 months. Before you start thinking I’m some sort of spiritual giant let me add… That was 60 months ago and so far I have gone on…hold on …let me do the math…oh yeah, ONE. But for the one I did go on I went to a Catholic retreat house outside town and I was matched up for spiritual direction with a tiny little nun named Sister Eileen. I remember thinking it an absurd idea to take spiritual direction from someone I just met. Because, you know, I’m complicated…. way too complex for someone to “get me” in an hour long meeting. Ends up I was right. It didn’t take an hour for her to get me. It took like, 5 minutes. See, I was hoping she’d give me work to do. Spiritual practices…. Stations of the cross, say the our father, lectio divina…some work that would make me a better leader – a more spiritual pastor for my people instead, but instead she looked me in the eyes and said. Nadia. I don’t think you should DO anything while you are here. Just walk these grounds knowing that God loves you totally apart from any work you do. As you might expect I thought that sounded awful. Because as soon as I tried, I just started crying. How can the work I do be important if God loves me quite apart from the fact that I do it?..." 

The above quote is taken from a sermon given by 

Nadia Bolz Weber. She is a Lutheran Pastor in 

Colorado, a former alcoholic and drug addict, and 

child of God. 

What a great truth!

"God loves you totally apart from any work you do"


May this truth send you out to do the work you are called to do with great freedom.


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