Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Eleanor

I took this picture of you the day we celebrated your 3rd birthday. I think you had a couple more parties later on in the week. So you had a pretty good 3 year celebration.

But there's nothing wrong with celebrating the fact of our life each and every day.

We are all so very grateful for your life and for your spirit.

I pray that as you are reading this, you have learned to be grateful for your life as well.

Being grateful is a spiritual practice in itself.

As life will teach you, everyday is not a party to be celebrated. Some are just to be endured, waiting for the sun to rise again and to start again.

But that is the beauty of the truth of Grace.

We can always start again.

So, when you encounter that day you must "endure", look for what there is to be grateful for and take the next step.

Love you,


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