Monday, February 20, 2017

Your Birthday Party - Happy Four Years Old


Here you are celebrating your birthday at four years old. I read a poem this morning during my meditation time that made me think of you and your celebration this past weekend. I was reminded that the further we get from the womb of our birth, the more we probably forget where we came from. We lose our divine eyes and everything seems separate from us. But even though we may be unaware, God's presence is always with us and wishes to work through us. We can't get away from God but we can forget.

Here is Hafiiz:

It is possible that just a drop of dye from
a vial the Friend holds could change the color
of the ocean.

I know I have talked about this in different poems,
this basic concept,

but I will now say it from a slightly different
angle in case that first arrow I shot completely

The presence of a Perfect One reaches a seed that is planted in you,

and from that divine warmth, God will lose His
shyness, thaw as it were, and no matter what now,

no matter what you do, the sacred will begin to
grow inside. The color of your ocean will change.

The drop of holy water, the needed dye, has
touched your forehead,

the air did that to you at birth, as did the first
hands that touched you,

and the soft walls--so many times---of your
Mother's womb you lay against.

Love you,

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